The practice of chiropractic is the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of conditions related to the spine, joints, nervous system, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Chiropractors are doctors and have the legislated right and obligation to communicate a diagnosis. 

You do not need a doctor's note or prescription for chiropractic treatment.


PHP chiropractors are neuromusculoskeletal (NMSK) health care experts, specifically educated and extensively trained in the study and treatment of diseases and disorders of the human body.

When should I see a chiropractor?

  • Physical injury

  • Sports injury or exercise-related pain 

  • Joint pain 

  • Postural complaints (i.e. standing or sitting for too long)

  • Chronic/persistent pain

  • Wellness/maintenance care

  • Rehabilitation

  • Injury prevention advice

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